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Our white tea is the "Rolls Royce" of teas. We are one of the few distributors in Europe of 100% Pure White Tea (Silver Needles), due to its purity is 3 times antioxidant than green tea.

How have we gotten the most potent natural antioxidant nature?

With the growing demand of the society of natural antioxidants and as a result of numerous reports,white tea has been established as king of most powerfull in nature. The main problem is that the vast majority of the teas sold under the name of white you do not usually get not even 10% purity.

Our challenge for the highest natural antioxidant was to travel to China and seek the highest quality white tea, which had not been treated with pesticides, toxic fertilizers or herbicides that remain on the ground and can be harmful. Thereby achieving a high quality product tremendously beneficial to health.

Emperor's tea

For centuries white tea consumption was restricted to the emperor and his entourage as it is thought to contain the secret to eternal life. Were selected the best and young shoots of spring, hand cut and handled with white gloves and gold scissors, not to desecrate the sacred power attributed to him. More than 90,000 buds were (and are currently) needed to obtain 250 g of white tea. Hence, consumption by the rest of the population was punished by death.

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White tea benefits

It is the most powerful antioxidant in nature 100% more effective in the fight against aging and various diseases that green tea because it contains four times more polyphenols and catechins (potent antioxidants) and well known to increase the body's defenses and neutralize the activity free radical oxidation guilty of cellular aging and responsible in many other cases the onset of cancer.

It is much more effective against cellular aging than green tea, and 14 times more antioxidant than a glass of orange juice.White tea also protects our heart, helps prevent stroke and regulates blood pressure.

White tea is a natural measure of trying to fight cancer. Has, in hundreds of studies, many anticancer properties, even stronger than it has green tea, according to studies at the Institute of the University of Oregon.

Due to the extremely powerful antioxidant white tea has been shown its potential in protecting our skin against harmful cells and cancer. Protects against DNA mutations (early stages of cancer) as well as the Langerhans cell, generated in skin exposedto sunlight, which helps prevent skin cancer by creating a barrier as an immune shield. Tea polyphenols also seem to block the formation of malignant tumors in the skin acting after a prolonged stay in the same sun ... read more

Along with its slimming power, white tea boosts metabolism, favoring the reduction of body fat and cholesterol. Debugger, detoxification, also stimulates digestive secretions, and thus facilitates the digestion of fatty foods. Read more abou white tea benefits.

White tea 100% pure  (Ref 01)

White tea of maximum quality, it is the "Roll Royce" of the teas. Also the most expensive. It comes from the best region of China for the production of biological teas, the mountainous Fujian. Considered one of the best teas of the world and more valued for China for his high price, Composed only by the buds of each one of the plants.
Taste:Soft fragance and warmer than common white.Sweet and less astringent with a very clean fragrance.
Harvest:.1st Harvest 2011
Brewing: Heat water to 80 º C. 2-4 .Spill g of tea for every 30 cl of water. Leave approximately 1 minute to rest aprox.

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White tea Pai Mu Tan  (Ref 37)

Common white tea consisted of the bud of the plant and of the leaves of around. It comes from the best region of China for the production of teas, the mountainous Fujian. It is an excellent tea, with a flavor lightly more loudly than the pure white. Selected and packaging handmade.

Origin: Fujian
Colour:A bit darker than pure white tea.
Taste: Less sweet than pure white tea and a bit closer to green tea.Sin aromas añadidos.
Harvest:.1st harvest 2011
Brewing: Heat water to 85 º C. .Spill 2-4g of tea for every 30 cl of water. Leave approximately 1 minute to rest aprox.
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100% Pure White tea rings  (Ref 41)

White tea from Yunnan province.The literal translation of the name in Chinese is "ring of white tea of young girls" due to the Fact that historical traditionally the youngest Workers of the province do it. They appear one to one coil of white you on barillas of wood to mold the form of rings. His flavor is soft, sweet and delicate as the best white you. The uniform colors of the rings denotes purity of the Highest you.

Colour: A bit darker than pure white tea.
Taste: Soft white tea typical flavour.
Harvest:.1st Harvest 2011.
Brewing: Heat water to 80 º C. .Spill 2-4g of tea for every 30 cl of water. Leave approximately 1 minute to rest aprox.
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Jasmine white tea pearls  (Ref 69)

Outbreaks of white tea with the leaves more tender hand-rolled green tea pearls wonderful ways that open upon contact with hot water giving off a natural scent of jasmine flowers jazmín.Las between tea mixed with repeated until it is permeated with the aromas antaño.Sin aroma.Como is flavored added.

Origin: Fujian
Coloru:A bit darker than pure white tea.
Harvest:Traditional. 1st harvest 2011.
Taste: Smooth taste of a young tea interspersed with a wonderful aroma of jasmine.
Brewing: Heat water to 85 º C. .Spill 2-4g of tea for every 30 cl of water. Leave approximately 1 minute to rest aprox.
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White tea antiaging elixir with berries and antioxidant fruits (Ref 02)

As a result of months of study, comes this wonderful blend wisely selected from hundreds of plants and fruits black, red and those that have been shown to increase life expectancy by about 10%, combined with the tea, white tea more antioxidante.El 100 % pure, converting the mixture into a natural anti-aging elixir.

Benefiths: Wrinkles, concealer, anti-cancer, anti-aging, heart, rheumatism, bladder, liver, arteriosclerosis, cholesterol and highly antioxidant.
Ingredients:100% pure white tea, green tea, rose hips, elderberry, raspberry, hawthorn berries, black currants, goji berries, mulberry leaves, apple ...
Origin:Fujian teas, Dijon berries (France).
Taste: The magical fruit flavors with great personality wild flood the delicate flavor of the tea blanco.Cierto floral tone and intense.
Brewing: Heat water to 85 º C. .Spill 2-4g of tea for every 30 cl of water. Leave approximately 1 minute to rest aprox.
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